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Don't want you for the weekend

Don't want you for a day

Don't need love divided

Don't want to feel this way

See I want you to need me (the way I need you)

Just like I need you (the way I see you)

And I want you to see me

Like no-one beforeCHORUS:

Irresistible - natural, physical

It's indefinable - magical, illogical

So make-you mineable, you're mineSo can't you see I'm tortured

Oh can't you hear my pain

If you just let me show you

I'll be yoou summer rain

Then you'll feel that you want me (the way I'm feeling)

The way I want you (the way I want you)

And you know nothing's better

It's like nothing beforeCHORUS:

Now you feel what I'm feeling (don't you feel what I', feeling)

Don't you know that it's more (it can take you places)

It can take you places

Like never before