In America O.S.T (Album)

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In America - Cover
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 25.11.2003
  • Produced by Maurice Seezer, Gavin Friday


  1. Time enough for tears (Original Theme Song) - Andrea Corr
  2. Some things you should wish for (Main Theme)
  3. All our troubles have flown away (Children's Theme)
  4. Mr. American Dream I (Father's Theme)
  5. Fe Fi Fo Fum (Love Theme)
  6. Painting an angel
  7. Mr. American Dream II
  8. The Hell's Kitchen Suite
  9. Happy Holiday
  10. I am an alien
  11. Bad blood (Love Theme)
  12. The whole world has a bad day
  13. Mateo goes home (Main Theme)
  14. The third wish (Main Theme/Finale)
  15. All our troubles have flown away (Children's Theme Finale)