Give it all up

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Song - Information

  • Words by The Corrs
  • Music by The Corrs
  • Jahr: 2000
  • Album: In blue


They say that I'm crazy

And it's probably true

But I'm at my happiest

When I'm with you

There is a distance between us

So far that I can't reach

The stage lights they shine so brightly

But Sut still I get no peace

And I'm a long long way from youChorus:

But I'd give it all up just for you

Just to have you near to me

I'd give it all up just for you

You bring me up, you bring me down,

You turn me inside out

And I'd give it all up just for you

I've been hearing some stories

Of couples so in love

But they've spent so much time apart

That they never seem to work

And I'ma long long way from you


Notizen / Bemerkungen

  • Den Song hat die Band nur ein einziges Mal live gespielt. Dies war in Hamburg am 07.07.2000.


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